A Full Suite of Services and Tools to Implement 5G

Meet us in Denver at the CCA’s Mobile Carriers Show (April 8-10, 2019)

Johanne Lemay and Robert K. Yates of LYA will attend the CCA’s Mobile Carriers Show being held in Denver from April 8 to 10, 2019. We would be pleased to meet with you for a simple introduction or for a meeting to discuss your particular objectives and goals and how we could be of assistance. Please contact Ms. Johanne Lemay at johanne.lemay@lya.com if you would like to set up a meeting.

In the meantime, we would like to share a few thoughts on LYA and how we can help you with your 5G plans.

The New 5G Paradigm

5G brings a sea-change to the quality of service requirements for wireless communications and hence to the use cases evolving from those that previously have defined the success of 4G LTE. This new paradigm is having a major impact on new spectrum requirements as well as network coverage plans, be it for fixed, mobile or fixed/mobile converged applications.

When just a few years ago, a carrier would have been very ecstatic to add 20 MHz to its spectrum holdings, it must now consider how to add hundreds or even more than 1 GHz to its portfolio to be able to offer these new services.

Compounding this, the vast majority of new spectrum being awarded for 5G is part of mmWave bands, where network deployment plans must be reconsidered from scratch in light of the short reach of this spectrum. This is especially true considering the high quality requirements that are integral to a successful 5G deployment.

The exception to deploy 5G with better reach is the 3.5 GHz band. This band has been selected as a 5G pioneer band worldwide. For the 3.5 GHz band, the FCC, with its CBRS plan, utilizing a key portion of the broader C Band range,  has selected a path replete with both opportunities and risks. It will provide spectrum to fulfill the needs of various stakeholders, unlicensed as well as licensed. But, this will not yield the performance required for a high-speed 5G coverage layer for multiple wireless carriers.

While proposals by the C Band Alliance and by the FCC to free up more spectrum are of interest,  much uncertainty remains as to the amount of spectrum that will be available in the C Band, for who and its timing.

A Range of Options for 5G Spectrum

Thus, while there may be numerous options to achieve the goals of a successful 5G deployment, each needs to be assessed taking into account medium term and long term forecast needs as well as strategic objectives. These include:

  • how fast you need to deploy 5G to develop a leadership position or  to compete effectively in your markets;
  • which new spectrum could be acquired, either from the secondary market or via upcoming auctions to best combine with your existing holdings, and at what cost;
  • what is the timeline to refarm your current spectrum bands for 5G, taking into account 5G support of these bands in upcoming mobile devices;
  • the tradeoff between coverage and MHz inherent in acquiring mid-band vs. mmWave spectrum and the additional cost for enhanced coverage and the feasibility to deploy numerous new small cell sites;
  • the value of unlicensed and shared spectrum for each particular case;
  • among other considerations.

LYA can assist you in assessing these options or in providing as second opinion on your current plans and reviewing your expectations.

Mandates can be focused on:

  • network deployment plans;
  • spectrum acquisition or auction preparation; as well as,
  • how to develop a competitive advantage leveraging spectrum assets.

We base our analyses on careful assessment of the performance needs of evolving use cases, which are increasing in complexity and variety in a 5G world. We bring expertise and knowledge from a variety of fixed and mobile deployments in the USA and other countries, using frequencies from low-band to mid-band and mmWave.

LYA Spectrum Estimator

LYA has developed a comprehensive approach and forecasting tool enabling us to asses your spectrum needs over time as demand for wireless data explodes, fully reflecting your existing spectrum portfolio and operational parameters, from sites to spectral efficiency and data forecast usage.

This tool yields critical information to help you carve your evolution path to 5G and take the appropriate actions to fulfill your objectives.

LYA Auction Platforms with AI Bidders

Our auction expertise and hands-on experience cover all auction formats and bands, from low-band to mid-band to mmWave, in the USA, in Canada and in Europe.

LYA brings user-friendly full Auction Platforms to ensure our clients are always expertly prepared before an auction.

Our Platforms cover the format of the upcoming FCC auction of 37, 39 and 47 GHz spectrum with its initial repacking of incumbent licensees leading to a complex multi-band auction.

The LYA Auction Platforms have the ability to conduct full auction simulations with AI-based robotic bidders. This is a key value-added tool to conduct training and auction workshops. LYA’s extensive capabilities include conduct simulations to help you assess

Thus, LYA brings s full suite of expertise and tools to provide you with the best auction strategy to ensure that you can achieve the desired outcome.

We are  experts in spectrum valuation, a key element for a successful participation in both spectrum auctions as well as in the secondary spectrum market.

LYA also leverages its expertise and knowledge in helping mobile carriers looking to divest of, or exchange, spectrum holdings in various bands. Our experience includes sale of spectrum licences in bands including the 3.5 GHz band.

We look forward to hearing from you. The LYA team.