Strategy, Business Planning and M&A

LYA has the expertise, the experience and the industry knowledge to help you make the right decisions when evolving your business strategy either organically or considering acquisitions or divestitures.

Our broad scope and extensive background enable us to see and assess opportunities as well as risks across an array of issues, integrating customer needs and behaviours, market evolution, technologies, networks, finance, and regulations.

LYA serves a wide range of telecommunications service providers, broadcasters, IPTV service providers, Over-the-Top service providers, investors, regulators and competition/antitrust authorities as part of its Strategy, Business Planning and M&A activities.

Our activities range from research and development of commercial strategies to business plans, investment analysis, support for acquisitions and divestitures including due diligence reviews.

We are experts in valuation of spectrum licenses and of telecom operators. 

Our business planning and valuation expertise is built on the recognized experience of our founders in addition to in-depth industry knowledge coupled with tools such as the LYA NPV Engine.

Our analyses and recommendations are fact-based and leverage our extensive c-Ahead research capabilities and in-house data and information.

LYA supports its client during the implementation of new and evolving strategic directions to ensure that concrete benefits can be materialized.

Strategic Reviews

Identify the opportunities for growth and potential acquisitions that will yield the most profitable and sustainable results for your organization while minimizing risk.

Assessing New Opportunities

LYA brings the experience and expertise to support you in developing new products or services. This includes conducting primary market research among target end users, competitive analyses, developing the business case and market projections as well as technology assessment, deployment costs, pricing and all other key elements to ensure success. 

Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas

LYA has been supporting clients in developing business cases for broadband deployment in rural and remote areas for more than 15 years. We are experts in developing detailed analyses and in comparing alternatives such as fixed wireless (4G/5G) versus fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). These business cases will in turn enable you to asses the minimum subsidy that may be required under specific scenarios. LYA has successfully supported clients to obtain subsidies under different types of award processes from comparative applications to declining reverse subsidy auctions. 

Spectrum Valuation

LYA experts have been active in spectrum valuation for more than 20 years on behalf of various stakeholders including investors, wireless carriers and other service providers that hold spectrum assets. LYA uses multiple approaches to value spectrum including benchmarking against auction results, secondary market transactions as well as full-fledged DCF analysis using the LYA NPV Engine.

As an example, an exercise in spectrum valuation will enable comparing the value of additional spectrum reflecting changing customer usage compared to the valuation using existing deployment and network capacity.

The spectrum valuation expertise of LYA has been used for auction preparation, planning for divestiture or acquisition of spectrum assets, supporting negotiations in spectrum sharing agreements, as well as for financial compliance.

The LYA NPV Engine

The LYA NPV Engine enables the development and benchmark of different scenarios and comparison of alternatives. The LYA NPV Engine will easily compare strategy options for growth  either organically or through acquisitions as well as assess the business case for new services incorporating market potential, competitive analysis, network capacity and deployment costs, pricing and all other key elements.

Our approach integrates bottom up analysis so all elements of a business case - including network investments - vary and reconfigure as input assumptions and scenarios are considered.

Spectrum and Technology Strategy

LYA support wireless carriers in developing and evolving their spectrum strategy and technology strategy in the context of 4G evolving to 5G and beyond.These analyses take in to account the existing spectrum portfolio, network deployment and sites, usage data for different market segments and its forecast evolution, the assessment of potential sources of new spectrum including refarming, upcoming auctions or acquisitions as well as spectrum or network sharing agreements, as applicable. 


Why LYA?

LYA brings a focused approach dedicated to your success. We thrive on uncertainty. Complex questions and challenging engagements are our lifeblood. Contact us for a competitive proposal and we look forward to being part of your team.