Auction Services

LYA provides a full suite of auction services for potential auction participants and auctioneers

LYA brings valuable experience  and expertise in auction support services provided to different stakeholders around the world and across different auction formats.  LYA can support your auction project from the start of the initial development of auction rules to all necessary preparation, business case, simulations, development if auction strategy, bid room support during the auction and post mortem.

Coupled with the LYA Auction Platforms and Auction Management Tools, we can ensure your auction preparation leads to the most successful outcomes possible while minimizing risks . 

Delivery of an Auction Platform

Bidding Workshops and Mock Auctions

Auction Post Mortem and Validation.

Auction Preparation and Design/Review of Auction Rules

Auction Management Tool specific to each client’s needs

Bid Room Management and Analyses

Assessment of the Industry and Competitive Environment

Valuation of the Spectrum to be Awarded

Extensive Simulations with Robotic AI Bidding

Why LYA?

LYA brings a focused approach dedicated to your success. We thrive on uncertainty. Complex questions and challenging engagements are our lifeblood. Contact us for a competitive proposal and we look forward to being part of your team.