Policy and Regulatory

LYA brings considerable depth and scope to its broad clientele for policy and regulatory mandates

LYA’s expert knowledge is focused on key subject matters that include broadband and mobile, fixed wireless, broadband deployment in rural and remote areas, IoT applications, new media and over-the-top broadcasting in addition to spectrum strategy and licensing. Below is a non exhaustive list of subject matters addressed by LYA in recent years. 

  • Support to telecom service providers, broadcasters and OTT service providers for ongoing regulatory activities and management with regulators.
  • Assessment if the impact of streaming and new media on the evolution of broadcasting policy 
  • Responding to spectrum related government or regulator consultations on future spectrum awards or changes to existing bands.
  • Developing options for refarming spectrum bands to evolve to 5G. 
  • Expediting changes to license conditions or other matters in dealing with industry regulators.
  • Benchmarking broadband and mobile performance, pricing and investment across different jurisdictions or countries.
  • Assessing auction format and rules for various applications including spectrum and subsidy awards.
  • Applications for satellite IoT applications and related activities.
  • Developing the business case for deployment in rural and remote areas including obtaining necessary subsidies to ensure economic feasibility via auction processes or applications with various government entities.

LYA’s expertise has been sought after in many important telecommunications and broadcasting consultations that have led to major changes in each industry segment.

Many studies completed by LYA were submitted as expert analyses in the context of policy and regulatory consultations. Below are a few examples of public studies on different subject matters submitted by LYA on behalf of private clients. 

Discussion of Rules for Broadband Subsidy Awards

Options to free up C Band spectrum for 5G services.

The evolution of TV and new media.

Why LYA?

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