Consulting Services

LYA has the expertise, the experience and the industry knowledge to help you make the right decisions when evolving your business strategy and commercial activities including when considering acquisitions or divestitures. LYA also brings extensive experience in developing expert analytical reports and testimony for policy and regulatory consultations as well as in the context of litigations.
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Strategy, Business Planning and M&A

LYA has the expertise, the experience and the industry knowledge to help you make the right decisions when evolving your business strategy either organically or considering acquisitions or divestitures.

Our broad scope and extensive background enable us to see and assess opportunities as well as risks across an array of issues, integrating customer needs and behaviours, market evolution, technologies, networks, finance, and regulations.
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Auction Services

LYA provides a full suite of auction services for potential auction participants and auctioneers

LYA brings valuable experience  and expertise in auction support services provided to different stakeholders around the world and across different auction formats.  LYA can support your auction project from the start of the initial development of auction rules to all necessary preparation, business case, simulations, development if auction strategy, bid room support during the auction and post mortem.

Coupled with the LYA Auction Platforms and Auction Management Tools, we can ensure your auction preparation leads to the most successful outcomes possible while minimizing risks.


Policy and Regulatory

LYA brings considerable depth and scope to its broad clientele for policy and regulatory mandates

LYA’s expert knowledge is focused on key subject matters that include broadband and mobile, fixed wireless, broadband deployment in rural and remote areas, IoT applications, new media and over-the-top broadcasting in addition to spectrum strategy and licensing.

Expert Testimony

LYA Principals, Ms. Lemay and Mr. Yates, are sought-after experts in broadband, mobile, telecommunications, broadcasting and spectrum matters.

Expert reports have been developed by LYA supporting clients in various types of proceedings, disputes or litigations. These include: 
  • Regulatory and Policy proceedings
  • Commercial litigations and arbitrations
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Antitrust investigations on behalf of antitrust agency or on behalf of interested parties.


LYA offers workshops for conferences or your private in-house events. Workshops can be tailored to a variety of stakeholders including regulators and policy makers, industry associations or groups, individual service providers as well as investors and lenders.

Why LYA?

LYA brings a focused approach dedicated to your success. We thrive on uncertainty. Complex questions and challenging engagements are our lifeblood. Contact us for a competitive proposal and we look forward to being part of your team.