Keeping the World Connected in Times of Crisis – Webinar

Please register for the webinar and meet us on line on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 9 am EDT

Johanne Lemay, Co-Founder of LYA,  will be moderating a panel entitled “Keeping the World Connected in Times of Crisis” at Session 1 of the Spectrum, Connectivity and COVID-19 Series of Forum-Vision webinars. Be present for an important and interactive discussion including high level representatives from the FCC, BEREC, ESOA, Ericsson and Facebook. You will have the chance to ask questions and engage directly with panelists and other participants.

If nothing else, the global pandemic brings home the critical importance of connectivity as the Work From Home (WFH) economy is clearly being held together by telecommunications carriers around the world.

Hospitals, clinics and health practitioners rely on broadband connections to reach out to their patients and to their partners. Telemedecine is seeing exponential growth. Schools and universities all use broadband to support provision of courses online, and we have not even mentioned video streaming to keep everyone somewhat happy in the middle of forced confinement.

Regulators have been responding to the heightened imperatives of connectivity with different initiatives including new spectrum allocations. Be present for this Webinar to hear and discuss the issues faced in different countries and the short (and maybe long) term solutions being implemented.

LYA can bring its experience and tools to support you in managing in this new paradigm, whether you are a regulator, a telecom service provider or an investor.  This includes expertise in assessing spectrum needs to meet the sudden peak in demand, and to evaluating the potential impact of this pandemic from both an operational as well as financial perspective.

These services are in addition to policy and regulatory support, financial modelling, valuation and business case analysis, support in subsidy auctions, development of spectrum strategy and advanced software tools for spectrum auctions. LYA also leverages its expertise and knowledge in helping carriers looking to divest of, or exchange, spectrum holdings in various bands.

We look forward to seeing you on April 28. The LYA team.